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If you are a childfree woman by choice, you’ve probably saw that this is not a common choice — you are expected to have children and media plays an important role into this: childfree women are not common character in movies and TV shows. Most childfree characters are actually childless — on the fence until the right guy comes along and changes their mind.

But what if this doesn’t happen? What if media embraces diversity and portrays women living happy fulfilled lives with no children of their own? …

I would like to share my opinion on a controversial subject: friends with benefits / fuck buddies.

Relationships suck. They suck when one of you has feelings, but the other doesn’t have the same. They suck when you fight about different things. They suck when it is over. It is too soon to get into a new relationship. You need to grieve. You need to stay commitment-free for a while. And there are two solutions to this situation: stay alone for a while, on your own, which is relieving and awesome or to get into a special friendship. I call…

Controversial subject — childfree by choice in your late 20s / early 30s / life.

I live in Romania, an ex-communist country where the spirit of “family with children” is still there. It is like a script you need to follow: finish college, get a job, get married, make a loan for a house, have children.

It is like you have to do it this way, it is the right thing to do for everyone. Except for the fact that “your dream life” is not “my dream life” — everyone is different. …

I am writing this article as a personal belief to all those women who got ghosted by men. This is not tabu. It is happening. It is the 21th century dating world.

After being ghosted again for the N time, I wondered: Why this keep happening to me? What it is wrong with me?

So, I did what every woman would do. I googled it.

I found many Cosmo articles with absolutely no information in it, telling you to enjoy your life, go out in clubs and have hobbies like this is the answer to the question: Why do guys…

7 Early Signs that He Will Ghost You

I have been ghosted. Like the majority of the women and men in the today’s dreadful dating world. I was shocked and in denial. But then I realized that I should have paid more attention to the signs. Well, I was too in love and blind to see the signs.

So, I am writing this article to tell you what are the exact signs that show that a guy will eventually ghost you, so that you will never be caught in the ghosting and we will leave the relationship (or whatever this…

So I would like to share my opinion on another controversial subject, apart from friends with benefits, one night stands for women.

There are different scenarios. Usually you meet a guy at a party, club or something, you like him, you hook up, maybe you dance or even kiss afterwards. And you want to take the fun elsewhere: your place, his place, or a neutral place.

Or another scenario is when you kinda know the guy, you kinda want something not-so-serious with him. In other words you just want him for a night.

As a woman, you do have needs…

  1. Rent. Never make a loan to buy your own house. You will never know when you will end up with no income.
  2. Rent in a cheap neighborhood. The commute might be difficult, but if you make a calculus : rent plus public transportation — much cheaper then rent in the city center, it is worth it.
  3. Rent when it is not expensive. Usually when students come to study in the big city, the rent goes up very much (months of September / October). Good rent is found during summer or winter, after the holidays.
  4. Cook. Try to eat out as…

The image of the ideal man changes over the course of a woman’s life as one gets more experience. Frankly, I agree with this statement. When I was 22 years old, I began to outline his image. A little shallow if I might analyze now, few years later. First of all I wanted him that kind of guy who listens to you, a guy that turns red from time to time when he sees you. Then the second quality was in a real antithesis with the first: to be strong. Yes, in society, to be a dreadful man, when you…

2 AM in the morning. She is devastated. Shocked. Like a in horror movie. She just experienced the most strange and unexplicable breakup. He will never ever call or send a message. Not anymore. She got dumped with no explanation. Just ignored. For days.

He was a ghost. He came into her life with hearts and flowers. He said he will never leave her, now that he had found her. He called her beautiful. He was amazing, a dream come true, like fairies and princesses. Unreal.

And then nothing. For days. No explanation. Nothing. And no, he did not die.


I write about work-life balance, skills development and relationships. Childfree and loving it.

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